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Jetslide System

JetSlide - The Dock You Drive On

The JetSlide dry dock is a patented system that allows storage of your watercraft on top of your dock instead of in the water, protecting its hull from the build-up of shellfish and marine vegetation which can affect your boat's performance. No need for a boat hoist or lift; simply drive your watercraft up onto the JetSlide with ease. 

With the JetSlide, you'll reduce maintenence costs by preventing premature wear and tear, all while enjoying the convenience and safety of walking around your pleasure craft and launching it without obstructed views.  As with all of our dock products, you'll enjoy top-quality materials made of new-generation polyethylene resin that won't scratch your boat, rust or deteriorate - it's maintenance-free. Because of its foam-filled interior, it will remain afloat, even under extreme conditions.

JetSlide Accessories

Optional accessories make it easy to customize your JetSlide. Purchase a canopy to further protect your boat or personal watercraft from the elements, winches that help make loading and launching a snap, and Air Assist for boats over 3,600 pounds. Learn more about each of these accessories by clicking on the categories below.

#RT 007B

Our revolutionay Jetslide is a dry dock that can be combined with Candock's system to form a complete docking solution. You can simply dry dock your boat without the need of mechanical tools or assistance. You simply drive your boat onto the Jetslide using the boat’s own momentum and power. The Jetslide is large and stable enough to support your boat and all its length with a 6¨ surface on each side. Most systems only support the weight of the boat in the center or on the corners of a cube which puts unnecessary pressure on the hull.

The Jetslide is engineered to adapt to almost any kind of boat hull. There are no moving parts that can be damaged over time or wear out. Boat storage rollers can lock if not properly maintained when in contact with salt water.

Dry docking systems that are completely modular can be a problem when they move with waves under the hull of your boat. The back and forth movement on the hull of your boat will wear out your gel coat and also damage your paint in a short period of time. With our system, it is wise to park your very expensive boat on a the Jetslide, as it is made of a single resistant piece that will not damage your boat in any way.

The Jetslide system provides superior buoyancy; ensuring that your boat will be off the water surface unlike many other systems where your boat is directly in contact with water or very near the water surface. Candock's Jetslide system offers you a large space to move around your boat. The watercraft enterance point is water level which will eliminate impact with your boat upon entry, elminiating rapid deterioration and damage under repetitive impacts.

* Also available in gray #RT 007B

#ST 025

The JETSLIDE system also offers a revolutionary floating assist system  – The AIR ASSIST. Perfect for heavy watercraft, this system maintains the JETSLIDE’s dimensions to a manageable size suitable in marina slips or tight locations. The system is compact, lightweight, durable and easily installed. It is also quick and easy to operate.

#CD 021

This canopy boasts a light weight roof tto protect your watercraft from the elements. Easy to install and quickly removed, unlike our competitors, Candock’s canopy is designed to flow with your dock's movements lessening the risk of damage.

#RL 143

Used primarily with our JetSlide system, this winch will help launch your PSC.  It is designed to be installed in front to pull or on the sides for launching.

#RL 246

Designed to be used with our JetSlide system, this winch helps boats that can not use their own motor power during launch.

*Max 3000PDS/1360KGS

#CD 052

This plate closes the gap left by the V of the Jetslide when combined with another Jetslide in a boat configuration

#CD 075

The Safety Plate allows the JetSlide system to adjust to intermediate lengths of water crafts without the need of an extra JetSlide. Installation requires JetSlide lugs and sliding nuts.

*Also available for lengths of:
  2 cubes: CD 076 (as pictured)
  3 cubes: CD 077