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Accessories & Tools

Candock Floating Dock Systems offers a complete range of floating dock accessories to meet your specific needs and applications.

When purchasing a watercraft floating dock system, it is imperative that it has the ability and options to meet all your needs, now and in the future.  Candock offers the most comprehensive selection of floating dock accessories in the industry.

From basic accessories such as: benches, ladders, tools, bumpers and cleats, bumpers and diving boards

To an impressive offering of gangways, rowing systems, canopies, starting booths and more.  

Our custom fabrication service sets us above the crowd, giving us the ability to design and adapt accessories and equipment essential to our system, specifically to your application. 

#RL 219

This stainless steel bracket is perfect for outboard engines. Easily affixed to the platform Candock cubes for use with a small outboard motor up to 10 hp turning your dock into a motor driven party barge! 

#TM 99931 WHITE

This bumpers offers additional protection to watercraft during boarding. Each bumper has a vacuum valve so you can adjust the pressure. It is recommended that you use bumpers every 10 feet. For example: a 25 foot boat = use 3 bumpers.

* Also available in beige and grey

#ST 032

This metal cleat is mounted on a connecting pin and doubles as a boat tie down for your personal watercraft. Offered in both of our standard dock colors.

*Also available in gray: #ST 031
#RL 18

Made entirely of stainless steel with no welded joints, the solid contruction of our standard handrail makes it ready for heavy use.  Two different height openings give the ability to attach multiple handrails together.

*Note that this product is not to be considered as a life line.
#RL 221

This heavy duty bollard type cleat is made of stainless steel and is desgined for use with larger sized boats. It is typically used for commercial and industrial applications. 

#ST 014

Much like the regular cleat, but reinforced for severe tie-off conditions.

#RL 2

Our stainless steel bench has a plastic seat and backrest and is offered in colors to match the dock. 
#Al 002

“LED” colored lights offer the unique opportunity to customize your dock to distinguish itself from all other products on the market.  When paired with the new preset processors (Part #AL003), you can pick from 10 different programs that have been already setup to make your dock shine! Flashing, dimming from one color to another, or “random” mode, tall offer unique, one of a kind ways to  bring a light show to your Candock! Some of the advantages of  LED lights are waterproof, long life span and easy to use all on the same wiring!

Specially designed slide for installation on CanDock modular floating systems. A great way to turn your dock into a multi-use entertainment center for summer fun with the whole family! 

#ST 027

This plastic storage container easily mounts to the top of your floating dock.  Equipped with a stainless lockable latch to keep your items secure, it is ideal for fishing, boating, or marine accessories. 

20" wide x 30" long x 11" deep

*Available in white only

#RL 95

This support allows the insertion of a 1 11/16” pile to anchor a dock or jetslide by inserting the pile through the cube tabs. (see picture)

#ST 009

Pellet type dead weights casted with a central opening to attach chain are available from Candock. These weights are easy to handle and can be stacked to increase the overall strength of the anchor position.

Sizes available:

-292 lbs/132 kgs

-439 lbs/200 kgs

-700 lbs/318 kgs

#RL 225

Aluminium ( for fresh water environments ) articulated system that permits an anchoring to the shore on different structures like: Walls, big rocks, etc.

#RL 297

Stainless steel ( for salt water environements ) articulated system that permits an anchoring to the shore on different structures like: Walls, big rocks, etc.

#RT 008B

Made entirely of plastic, our ladder is the perfect accessory for swimming docks. It can easily be folded on itself for both security and to avoid build-up of seaweed.

*Also available in gray: #RT 008G
#LK 703025

Our dock cleat is designed to anchor your boat to the outside of your dock. Since our docks move with the water, like your boat, you avoid unneccesary tension on the cleats.  

*Recommended use of 1 cleat for each 10 foot length of boat. For example: a 25' boat should use 3 cleats.
#ST 021

Our folding plastic seat is padded for comfort, pivots, and can be removed quickly.

*Provided with gray or beige custom made mounting pin
#LK 703011

Molded in one single piece and constructed of a unique polyethylene resin so it remains soft and non-marking as well as extremely durable. This is a superior alternative to a “PVC material” model. Although the PVC model is available in 3 colors ( white, grey and beige ), this “one piece” unit is currently only available in white.

#RL 320

Called a "marina finger" this aluminum piece can be directly attached to the Candock cubes to create a hybrid marina with no anchoring at the end of the fingers.

Multiple lengths available.

#RL 210

Key is used when installing G2 connecting pin.
#RL 208

Key is used when installing G2 connecting pins with a drill to reduce assembly time. Use only with 1/2" drill opening, at low speed with a two-handed drill. When removing a connecting pin, always loosen pin slightly with a manual key.

*WARNING: Using a drill at high speed and/or with only one handle can cause injuries.
#CD 135

This new model, featuring our brand new "TIP" is a 2 piece key that can be used both manually or with an electric or gas drill when installing G2 connecting pins. It also allows you to work with customized anchoring pins such as the base of our Revolving And Folding Chair.   
#RL 31

Custom designed tool for use with a regular jack in the removal of posts.

2" 7/8
#RL 32

Designed to protect your dock and your boat, this padded verticle bumper works as a fender between the dock cubes and your aluminum, steel, or wooden boat as well as helping to keep aluminum pontoons from hitting the cubes when parking. 
#RL 29

This tool prevents damage to pilings when inserting them with a sledgehammer.

2" 7/8
#RL 30

Custom designed tool for use in post installation.
#ST 020 

Our storage cube offers waterproof storage space for a variety of your items.

*Also available in gray: #ST 019

#ST 015

The post cube is used inconjunction with our low profile cubes.  This low profile post cube has an opening of 2 7/8¨ diameter to fit galvanized steel pipe used during anchor installation. This post comes covered with a ”PVC cap & sleeve. The sleeve helps to hide the metal pole and to give a nice plastic on plastic movement. This type of anchoring is strong but flexible during water level variations. This is ideal in tidal areas. DO NOT USE  in applications where the depth is over 7 feet deep and waves higher than 1.5 feet.

*Also available in grey

#LK 703016

Our cubes are designed with 4 ears that are positioned at various heights. These spacers are used to fill the empty space created between them.  
(Boxes of 225)
#ST 012

Our Post Cube is the ideal anchorage for tidal areas. It offers a cylindrical opening sized to fit a 2 7/8" diameter galv steel pipe that is needed as anchor for installation. The post is then covered with a 3" interior diameter PVC cover with cap to hide the steel pole and to give a better plastic on plastic movement with the Post Cube. Please note that this system is not for use in zones where depth is more than 7'.

*Also available in gray: #ST 013
#RL 33

Our aluminum Outboard Engine Support can be fixed to a platform of our CanDock Cubes, accepting the installation of a small outboard motor (10 hp max). This allows your platform to be motor-driven.
#RL 192 Steel / #RL 21 Stainless Steel

Wall achorage offers the possibilty of anchoring your dock to a vertical wall.  Mounted on nylon pivots, it swivels to follow the motion of the waves and is very quiet. Unhooking your dock from its achorage takes only a few seconds. Note that since this is a fixed system, it should not be used when water level variation is a factor. This product can also be used to achor one of our docks, our JetSlide to any aother type of conventional floating dock. 

* RL 192 is made of steel covered in high resistance cooked paint, recommended for fresh water use.

*RL 21 is made of stainless steel and is recommended for use in salty environments.

#RL 149

As with our Standard Handrail, this post-style rail is also made of stainless steel that wont rust over time. It's designed to be linked by ropes at two different heights. Multiple posts with connecting ropes can create a walkway that will provide extra safety to your dock. 

Our aluminum key is used to fix nuts in place. 
#ML 007

Recommended for use with a "ratchet-type" wrench when large quantities of nuts are to be installed.

*Also required for the installation of the CanDock Ladder.
#TTC 0608900 1M / #TTC 0608900 2M

Elastic anchor rope that will adapt to fluctuations in water levels (tidal, natural or artifical) and offers more stability regargless of water or weather conditions. Can be combined side by side to increase strength or end to end for a wider range of water level flucuations.

*Available in 1 and 2 meter lengths