Candock West Coast
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Candock's Modular Floating Dock Solution

Candock West Coast is your Western US distributor for this remarkable plastic floating dock solution, ever to be available for lakes, rivers and the ocean!

Over 20 years of unmatched passion and in-depth development to create a one-of-a-kind dock system.

Our floating dock system comes with our 20 year guarantee.
Nowhere else will you be able to find a deterioration-proof, maintenance free dock that is super simple to assemble.

Not to mention, you can build your dock anyway you would like!
Replace that wooddock eyesore and heavy metal dock today! Step into the 21st century with the Candock floating dock solution!

Personal Watercraft Lifts

Our floating Jetslide PWC lift is the convenient, safe and easy to use dock system available for Jet Ski®, Sea-doo®, Waverunner® and most other watercraft.

This unique watercraft ramp setup is virtually maintenance free and easy on the environment.  Candock's simple floating  jet ski and boat lift system make it easy to  access your boat from any side.

Our Jetslide Solution makes a day of playing on the water a joy!

Revolutionary Boat Lifts with JetSlide

There is nothing standard about our floating boat lift solution. The Jetslide, offers unmatched stability and stellar weight distribution while protecting your boat.
Our CanDock boat lift system makes it convenient to walk around your boat when loading and unloading.

The V-shaped access point, perfectly situated on the waterline, insures smooth docking and on-boarding. this advanced design allows your boat to float further into the lift system.

Ultra-Durable Boat Dock

This amazing floating dock offers secure docking for all types of watercraft.
Candock's watercraft dock and platform abilities provide for unmatched flexibility giving you the ability to configure any shape that meets your needs.

Check out our accessory section above to see all the available products to make your boat dock the best dock on the water! Perfect for residential, recreation and commercial use.