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Dock Gangways and Walkways

We offer high quality gangways, walkways and bridges made of light weight, but strong aluminum. These gangways are engineering certified to stand up to inclement outside weather and to stay maintenance free. Each gangway is custom made to fit your specific Candock system and can be color matched to our dock products.

Offering a variety of configurations with or without handrails, or specially made to fit numerous applications. Contact us today to dicuss custom manufacturing to meet the specific needs of your dock. We highly recommend reinforcing all gangways of 16 feet or more with handrails or another gangway reinforcement technique.

Top quality aluminium gangways that are light and aesthetically pleasing. Our maintenance free gangways are specially made to integrate with our premium quality plastics as well as match the standard colors of our dock system.

We are happy to custom build a gangway that meets your specific application.

* Frames also available :

Frame 3′x12′ (#RL 36)          Frame 4′x12′ (#RL 37)
Frame 5′x12′ (#RL 175)        Frame 3′x16′ (#RL 38)
Frame 4′x16′ (#RL 39)          Frame 5′x16′ (#RL 176)
Frame 3′x20′ (#RL 40)          Frame 4′x20′ (#RL 41)
Frame 5′x20′ (#RL 177)        Frame 3′x24′ (#RL 42)
Frame 4′x24′ (#RL 43)          Frame 5′x24′ (#RL 178)
Frame 3′x28′ (#RL 44)          Frame 4′x28′ (#RL 45)
Frame 5′x28′ (#RL 179)        Frame 3′x32′ (#RL 46)
Frame 4′x32′ (#RL 47)          Frame 5′x32′ (#RL 180)

Our Low profile, aluminum gangways are a maintenance free affordable option to maximize the use of your Candock system and are enginerring certified!

Available dimensions:

Frame 3′x4′ (#RL 190)         Frame 4′x4′ (#RL 131)
Frame 3′x8′ (#RL 34)           Frame 4′x8′ (#RL 35)
Frame 5′x8′ (#RL 160)         Frame 3′x12′ (#RL 88)
Frame 4′x12′ (#RL 86)         Frame 5′x12′ (#RL 159)

#RL 49

High quality aluminium handrails are available in several sizes, configurations and mounting applications custom manfuactured to meet your requirements. Handrails can be added to any gangway whether they are welded or bolted or standard or heavy duty.


Price is based on the total length of the handrail and is calculated per side.

Unparalleled quality non-slip open concept plastic panel inserts for gangway applications. 1′x3′ Grey (# TF 3′ GRIS)
1′x4′ Grey (# TF 4′ GRIS)        1′x5′ Grey (# TF 5′ GRIS)
1′x3′ Beige (# TF 3′ BEIGE)     1′x4′ Beige (# TF 4′ BEIGE)
1′x5′ Beige (# TF 5′ BEIGE)

#RL 51

Non-slip aluminum transition plate affixed to each end of the gangway providing for a safe and smooth transition between the gangway and the dock (not available with econo type gangways). Perfect for wheelchairs, rolling carts and easy access.

* Available in the following widths:

16”x3′ (#RL 51)
16”x4′ (#RL 52)
16”x5′ (#RL 183)

#RL 266 / RL 267

This hard plastic plate provides for protection of the dock, guarding against the friction caused by a gangway sitting on its surface.

Available in various sizes, contact us for details

RL 233, 53, 135

#RL 233- The start angle is a system allowing you to fasten a gangway to a fixed structure to allow for water level variations.

This product is designed to be bolted or welded on a gangway. Other products may be required for proper installation. NOTE: This product was designed mostly for distributors.

* Also available in the following widths and attachement methods:

3′ (#RL 233)BOLT ON     4′ (#RL 234)BOLT ON
5′ (#RL 235)BOLT ON       or

3′ (#RL 111)WELDED      4′ (#RL 134)WELDED
5′ (#RL 184)WELDED

#RL 53- The start angle is a system allowing you to fasten a gangway to a fixed structure allowing it to follow water level variations.

* Available in the following widths and mounting methods:

3′ (#RL 53)WELDED      4′ (#RL 54)WELDED
5′ (#RL 181)WELDED     or

3′ (#RL 243)BOLT ON   4′ (#RL 236)BOLT ON
5′ (#RL 244)BOLT ON

#RL 135- High resistance starting angle is a system allowing you to fasten a gangway to a fixed structure though allowing it to follow water level variations. It is designed to be used with 24′ or more gangways.

* Available in the following widths and mounting methods :

3′ (#RL 135)WELDED    4′ (#RL 136)WELDED
5′ (#RL 182)WELDED    or

3′ (#RL 238)BOLT ON   4′ (#RL 237)BOLT ON
5′ (#RL 239)BOLT ON

#RL 241 / RL 61

This ground anchoring system for gangways is to be used when the ground type permits it. 
*Maximum gangway length for this type of anchor is 16 feet.

This Candock hinge system allows you to connect an econo type gangway directly to a dock system for  water level variations.  Entirely made of stainless steel with a nylon pivot, this system is strong and quiet.

This product is can be bolted or welded.

Use a 3′ gangway for a dock made of 3 cubes and a 4′ gangway for a dock made of 4 cubes.

Product RL 242 is required for easy installation.

NOTE: This product was designed mostly for distributors.

#RL 60

Plastic covered aluminum roller installed at end of gangway on dock. This allows it to move freely on the dock without damaging it.